Assured Quality

Manage by a diverse team of professionals from the architectural and engineering fields, GGI supply OEM products at affordable prices for the living and working environments. We forge partnership with our customers worldwide and work closely to supply a comprehensive range of door closers with unrivalled performance and durability. GGI products are represented all over the world – in both emerging and matured economies through varied projects.

GGI vaunts a portfolio of globally recognized testing certificates – Warrington, ANSI, TUV, etc. to demonstrate a commitment to customers on quality assurance, safety and security standards.


Customization is another frontier that GGI has focused on in achieving a high degree of trust in its partnership with customers. As a value-added partner, GGI understand the need to create the right balance between function and aesthetics, and has therein constantly improve the manufacturing processes along with the development of new and innovative products.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

With the focus on providing innovative and custom design solutions, quality and certified products, and reliable after-sales support, GGI has successfully established a strong track record with major projects around the world. The reputation and the confidence of the customers attest to the pursuit of the vision to be the Trusted Partner in providing innovative and quality door controls globally. We stand behind and guarantee all products.